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Leasing and Management Services

As part of the excellent service we provide, we want you to have options. you can choose:

  • Lease Only
  • Manage Only
  • Full Service Leasing and Management

our goal is to maximize your return on investment

Our team has been in the real estate business since 1986, more than 30 years! Our experience enables us to make recommendations to you, which help assure that your property continues to grow in value.

Our expertise will help improve your net cash flow.

We are members of the California Association of Realtors and continually update our education and knowledge. We strive to understand markets well and keep our eyes open for trends in the market.

Our experience and expertise will help to avoid making costly errors and our excellent service will help to minimize the cost of any problems that could not be avoided.

With our three choices of management options, you’ll be able to find the assistance you need to maximize your profit and save yourself time and energy. We can help you with filling your rental homes, managing the property with highly skilled property managers, or both!

Our strong experience with leasing management will ensure you have potential tenants viewing your property on a regular basis.  We also screen all potential tenants with a background check to make sure you have the best possible opportunity for a strong return on your investment. Let the experience of Independent Property Investors help make you more money while taking away the burden of managing the leasing yourself.

At Independent Property Investors, we continue to work hard to be the best property management company in and around the Sacramento area. With our leasing management and property management experience, we are able to efficiently fill your rental homes and keep them looking their best. 

Need help procuring a tenant?

Ask about our Lease Only* service!

Lease Only* means that we will:

  • Advertise the property for rent
  • Take calls from prospective tenants
  • Show the property by appointment
  • Accept applications from prospects
  • Perform a detailed background check
  • Prepare the lease documents and addenda
  • Perform the Move In inspection with your new tenant
  • Collect the security deposit and 1st month's rent
  • Forward the lease, move in inspection, and security deposit to you

*Note with Lease Only service, you would pay for any direct advertising costs that relate specifically to your property.

Already have a tenant?

Ask about our Manage Only option!

Manage Only means that you will take care of all of the "Lease Only" tasks, or the property is already rented, and you want us to start collecting the rent, coordinating repairs, and all of the other tasks associated with managing the tenancy. We will not be paid a procurement fee. We will just collect our management fee based on the amount of income we collect for you.

Looking for full service Leasing and Management?

Well look no further!

Full Service Leasing and Management includes all of the services described in the "Lease Only" list, along with the following benefits and options:

Affordable "Performance Based" Fee Structure

We offer different fee structures from which you can choose with management fees as low as 6%. Our fees are based on performance. The more income we generate for you the better we are compensated. If you are not getting paid then we are not getting paid either.

Direct Deposit/Automatic Debiting

We send your net rental income by "direct deposit" into your bank account. Tenants can also make payments electronically and automatically.

Professional Property Managers
We want to make the "management" experience painless. Your property manager is your personal service representative to coordinate all of the information about your property. These experienced professionals make recommendations to you on how to best handle any situation that develops. While the manager's job often requires him or her to be out of the office, each manager’s phone number will forward calls to their cell phones. Plus the managers are backed up by the administrative support staff in our central office in addition to a staff of Market Specialists that help us rent properties quickly at the best possible price. If you have a question related to your property, whether related to bookkeeping, maintenance, leasing, or anything else, just contact your property manager, or his or her assistant, and he or she will take care of it.

Detailed background checks on Applicants
We get a copy of their credit report with their credit scores, we check for eviction filings against the applicant, we verify their landlord and employment references, and confirm that they are not listed as a registered sex offender. Check out our FAQ for more information.

Available 24 Hours to handle emergencies
Independent Property Investors' managers and maintenance contractors are on an "on-call" rotation to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Full Service On-Line Office open 24/7
Many tasks and requests can be handled thru our web site and by email both of which are available 24/7. Tenants also have the phone numbers of their manager whom they can call at any time.

Detailed Monthly Reporting & Annual Summaries
We provide a detailed accounting of all income and expenses monthly. We also provide a year-end summary with your Form 1099 to help with your tax return. We can print and mail your statements or we can email it to you, at your option.

Effective Marketing and Leasing Program
Our Marketing Director supervises a staff of Market Specialists which specialize in promoting properties currently available for rent to better coordinate all advertising and showing efforts. This includes extensive promotion on several national web sites plus our own web site with property descriptions and digital photos.

We are able to show your property at almost any time. The internet enables prospective tenants to find out all about your property, including directions to drive by, 24 hours a day. They can choose to have an agent call to set up a showing appointment simply by calling.

We maintain relationships with several contractors that provide us with priority handling and often charge us at discounted rates due to the amount of business we represent. This enables us to get repair work done more quickly from vendors that will stand behind their work. We also offer in-house maintenance which offers you the peace of mind knowing that our personal staff will stand behind any work we perform.

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